Our Products

Hundreds fresh indoor plants imported from Holland, Thailand, China, Spain, Italy, India etc.

From Small ground covering plants to precious Olive trees, suitable for Qatar climatic conditions

Vast Varieties of Indoor and Outdoor planters made in Fiberstone, Fiberclay, Fiber Glass, GRP, GRC, Ceramic , Melamine and Plastics

Major collection of gardening tools and equipment like Rakes, Shovels, Trowel, Pruning shears, Cutters, Sword, Hand hoe, Sickles, Garden Knives, Hand rakes, Watering cans, Sprayers, Hoses & Connectors Fertilizer sprayers. Bamboos, Wooden trellis, Lawn edges, Ties.

All types of vegetable, herbs, and flowering seeds and grass seeds for major projects.

Indoor potting soil, Mix soil for agriculture, Clay soil, Peatmoss, Cocopeats | NPKs, Urea, Cow dung, Other organic fertilizers for all agricultural purposes.

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